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  1. Sioux565

    What does the VA receive from the PEB to determine ratings?

    Hello, I recently completed the IPED (found unfit) and had my packet sent to Seattle VA for ratings. My question is "what does the VA receive as part of that packet?" Is it just the med record and VA C and P exams? Or does it include all the documents from the MEB/PEB as well such as the...
  2. Sioux565

    MEB delayed in 2nd stage Request for advice on seeking assistance

    Hi All, I've learned a lot from this forum and all the members who contribute. I've been referred for MEB for issues with lower spine and Degenerative Disc Disease. Like most of you, my time is spent managing pain that only someone with DDD could understand. My issue is that I received a P3...
  3. Sioux565

    Anthrax Vaccine

    Can anyone let me know and put me on the link/report relating to if there are any adverse medical issues relating to the Anthrax Vaccine? I've had the full 6 shots plus a booster. I am curious what studies have found......specifically if it aggravates arthritis. Sioux565
  4. Sioux565

    Lower and thorasic spine disc degenerative disease/anxiety

    Hello Forum, I apologize if I repeat questions someone else asked, as I am new here. In the short time I've reviewed this site, there has been a lot of great informational posts and I hope to get the same to my situation. I have lower and thorasic (mid back) spinal degenerative disease that...
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