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    Interesting case

    One for the history books. My father was medically discharged in 1974 from the USMC. His DD214 has a 20 percent rating, of which he still has a copy of. The VA in 1978 said they did not agree with the findings of the PEB and did not honor the rating. (I have no idea how or why, but they...
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    Issue with C&P exam

    Before my exam is finished and the NARSUM is given out, I have asked to see the records as they stand because I was alarmed at how little ROM my examiner did. Without getting into ridiculous detail, there are clerical errors in the ROM (wrong wrist listed with decreased ROM) she did not mention...
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    Question for anyone out there. After CAS down at Bragg this August I noticed some peculiar "wheezing" and shortness of breath. I normally run a 12 minute 2 mile and struggled to do a 13 at the PT test. During the rest of Selection I continued to wheeze and felt short of breath but managed to...
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