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    VA Conflict of Interests? (C&p)

    A few concerns. Is it not a conflicting interest that the VA uses in house employees to conduct c&p exams? I have a reevaluation c&p exam but it says it's for TBI. The problem is that I was discharged for PTSD with residual TBI, as they said they couldn't delineate my symptoms from PTSD to...
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    Change in VA rating == change in CRSC from DoD?

    Combat-related injury currently rated 70% by VA and I am getting 70% CRSC from DoD. I have a compensation exam coming up after 2 years and I am wondering if VA drops the rating will the DoD do the same?
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    Voc Rehab and working a job

    I'm currently in school full time with plans on continuing in the fall. I have been asked to interview for a job with the FAA. Now, I have a scheduled appointment with my voc rehab counselor to discuss this matter but I am trying to get all the info I can. Will voc rehab still pay for...
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    Finally moved from TDRL to PDRL need 1 final bit of help

    I honestly didn't know where to post this, sorry if it has to be moved. I got a letter in the mail notifying that I have been moved to PDRL. I dont know if its my TBI or what but I am have a hard time understanding my next step. Currently I am Getting ~1900 from VA , 81 from DoD and ~750 CRSC...
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    Post 9/11 GI Bill Full Time Online criteria

    So If i choose to take 12 credit hours online, is that considered full time in regards to the full BAH payment? I can't find specifics about the online criteria.
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    PEBLO didn't send Sleep Study results to the PEB

    The packet that was sent to the PEB says the results from my sleep study were pending. When I finally got my results indicating obs. sleep apnea treated with CPAP, my peblo said he would forward the documents, but apparently he never did because I am rated 0%. How can I get this to them and will...
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    Currently TDRL about to get reeval'd

    Been 9 months since I med retired and my evaluation is on tuesday. Can some one give me some insight on what I should expect? I've already down the VA C&P now I have to go to ft sam houston to do the DoD side. What are the chances ill be place on temporary again or will I be put on perm? Thanks!
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    Question about CRSC and Voc Rehab

    Yesterday was the 120th day since my CRSC packet was received. How will i know if its accepted or not? Do i just have to wait till the first when I get my retirement pay? I've checked DFAS and nothing is showing. My other question is will the voc rehab help pay for tools after i complete a...
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    Got a letter in the mail..

    Just medical retired to TDRL in January. Got attached letter in the mail, am i going to get 209 or 2000? I am not receiving VA pay yet.. 70%/90%
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    Got a letter in the mail..

    Just medical retired to TDRL in January. Got attached letter in the mail, am i going to get 209 or 2000? I am not receiving VA pay yet.. 70%/90%
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    brother 100% disabled on life support

    Guys i need some help. Brother is on life support at a non va hospital. Do i need to notify va and who.
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    What now?

    Been a month since i was TDRL'd out at 70/90.. Im a little confused as to what im supposed to do now? 1. Anything I need to do to ensure my payments start after my trans leave is over? 2. I heard that if my DD214 is marked correctly, I am still able to get a 1 time dental treatment from the...
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    Ratings in 70/90 -- Must sign DA 199 on the 24th.. QUESTIONS!

    I have multiple questions ! Ill list all my rated stuff first. And Ill try to format for easier reading. I will also edit the post as questions are answered. __________________________________________________________________ *1* 8045-9411 RESIDUALS OF TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI) WITH POST...
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    CRSC Help (yep another)

    So I did what I understood as the math for predicting my CRSC... is this right?? 12 years flat at time of discharge high 3 approx 3000 Total VA rating 90% Combat-related 70% 3000 * 12(2.5%) $900 70% rate with spouse/child = 1,505 1505 - 900 = $750 in CRSC? Im 99.9% sure i did all of...
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    PEBLO sent me this narsum for review..YES Another "Whats my Rating?!"

    This is only the psych side of things. I have used my NSA/CIA skills to redact any PII. Other than that its not censored, try not to judge me. I am pretty frustrated at this thing because: a) I wasnt aware you could quote someone using paraphrasing. b) On page 2 it says: "Occupational and...
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    Telephonic NARSUM Appt

    So i'm done with all my CP appts and I have a telephonic appt with someone tomorrow to discuss my narsum. MEB is for MDD and PTSD. Can someone let me know what to expect so i can be prepared for this?! Thanks
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    Question about NARSUM

    Do I have the right to decline a NARSUM if I feel it is inaccurate and submit a rebuttal and supporting evidence?
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    NARSUM done in Korea; Rewritten CONUS?

    I was PCS'd to the Ft Riley WTB to go through the MEB process. I was given a P3 profile and my NARSUM was done by my provider in Korea. Now, I am being told that my profile and NARSUM have to be redone in order for my MEB to continue. Is this true? I spent 10 months in treatment with the writer...
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    Med Record Release --> WTF orders (estimated time?)

    I just released my med records to the powers that be.. any educated guess on how long before i can expect a report date?
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    Need help interpreting a P3 profile..

    Can someone please help me understand this profile? Mainly the bracketed statements.
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