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    Sold leave pay

    I was officially medically retired on June 27th, and I have been waiting for my sold leave to come in my bank, anyone have an idea how long it takes to come in?
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    Question concerning spinal fusion and working conditions

    I had a L4 to S1 lumbar fusion and discectomy, which has resulted in me getting medically retired. I have developed severe right leg sciatica and pain a bit after my surgery, which is a new symptom for me, along with the return of left leg sciatica and pain. The Navy has me currently sitting in...
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    Something seems fishy here..

    I received a revision of my NARSUM today. I noticed that for the referring condition, my provider only listed chronic lower back pain, but nothing about my diagnosis of Lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar spondylolysis, or lumbar radiculopathy. Along with this, in the amendment, it states that she...
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    Lumbar ROM %?

    Forward Flexion: 0 to 10 Extension: 0 to 0 Right Lateral Flexion: 0 to 0 Left Lateral Flexion: 0 to 0 Right Lateral Rotation: 0 to 0 Left Lateral Rotation: 0 to 0
  5. J

    My Navy Timeline

    27DEC17- Referred to med board. 28DEC17- Met with PEBLO and VA rep. 04JAN18- Phone conference with lawyer 18JAN-31JAN18- C&P exams 13FEB18-Signed NARSUM, command had everything already sent to PEBLO, and is now being sent off to MEB. Received copies of my C&P exams. I'll update as it goes on...
  6. J

    Typical wait time for NARSUM?

    I completed my final C&P on Jan 31st. Curious on what the typical wait is til I get my NARSUM and what is all in the NARSUM? I was med boarded Dec 27th. Seems like this process is moving fairly quick for me.
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