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    VA rating timeline.

    Hey, I’m just wondering what’s the average wait to get back VA ratings. It’s been 95 days I been waiting on ratings. I’m getting a little worried. I didn’t think I was even eligible for a Medboard. But MDD and PTSD are the main issues. The process started in October of 2018. The waiting process...
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    USMC Med Board Process 2018

    Med Board Process: -07/31/18 Dr put in for med board -08/01/18 Met with peblo -08/02/18 Met with Med Board attorney -10/09/18 Final VA appointment -10/10/18 Turned in NMA, Signed all addendums, C&P exams, and submitted package to PEB -10/19/18 Mol notified me that my medical board case...
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