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army board of corrections of military records

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    How PDRL + late CRCS impact FERS with Buy Back & vice-versa?

    Background: 60% PDRL (blue card), 100% VA, 70% CRSC recently, under 20 years. Appreciate in advance. I already buy back paid fully 1st year as a GS back in 2018 but now I just got this new CRSC retroactive decision this week. For the sake of me being able to keep the CRCS monthly pays & Tricare...
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    ABCMR case number

    Good morning all, I recently submitted an appeal packet to the Army Board of Correcting Military Records, from what I have read once the ABCMR receives your packet they are suppose to issue you a case number or notification saying it was received and the following action they are going to...
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    BCMR or DRB

    I’m trying to figure out which Board I should send my Documentation to. I Served in the Active Army from 14 Jun 1999 - 18 Jun 2014 but was involuntary separated due to exceeding my RCP, I also Served in the Army Reserves from 19 Jun 2014 - 23 Nov 2018. My psychiatrist from Active Duty refused...
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    I need help with the PDBR and Army timeline

    Long story short... Applied for PDBR on 10 June 2015. Received letter Dated 5 Oct 2015 that case was sent to Army. I have not heard anything since. My address has not changed, nothing on the PDBR site (that list the cases), tried calling 703-325-0834 and even sent numerous emails to PDBR and the...
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    First of all, i have post this same question in MEB forum, but i dont know how to erase an already started thread, please, need help with that, thanks in advance, yep, im the new guy.......... Now to the important stuff.. I have read AR 40-501, chapter 7 physical profiling 7-4 Temporary vs...