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  1. O

    Compensation question

    Hi all, I need some help with this one. I have a question when it comes to the VA waiver and my compensation. So recently, I got my DA 199, which came back 90% DOD and 100% VA TDRL. I've calculated my DoD retirement pay based on my disability rating (capped at 75%) to be $5625. My VA...
  2. S

    HELP! Reserve MEB. How to calculate?

    My husband is going through the MEB and we are trying to calculate an estimate of how much he will be making after he is medically retired. It is a bit confusing. Reserve SFC with 20 years reserve time. 13 of those years active duty. Medical Retirement at 90% on the military side and 70% on...
  3. F

    Back Pay

    If I file for a cliam while I'm still in the service(active duty) is it based on when my symptoms started, or when I filed the cliam? Because those dates are pretty different. Thanks to all!
  4. RichDaniel

    Mental Health C&P Appt

    I conducted a C&P appointment for my anxiety claim last Friday. I was seen a few years back for stress about four times. My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety disorder. I was prescribed Xanax, but I did not like it. He then prescribed Zoloft. I didn't like that either. In total, I believe I was on...
  5. M

    C&P exam help

    UPDATE EDIT: The attached file was deleted by @Warrior644 due to the presentation of medical confidential personal information! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im...
  6. W

    Question about 100% VA disability with SMC-S

    To start off, I was medically retired, TDRL, September of 2017. IDES found me unfit, and the VA rated my referring condition at 100%. When I got my formal letter in the mail after I retired, my other conditions totaled over 60%, so I then was eligible for SMC-S. I have a few questions about all...
  7. M

    Miracles STILL exist! (Anecdote/Inquiry)

    Hello Comrades, Developed Type 1 Diabetes on Active Duty in in SEP 2002. I met an ANGEL online. I was told by an AMVETs rep when I discharged--after looking through all of my service records--I WOULD ONLY QUALIFY FOR 40%, that there were no more ratable conditions in my records. FFWD...
  8. A

    AF Medical Retirement

    I have a quick question... So my husband is being medically retired from the AF (over 17 years active duty) and we were speaking to a family friend about the compensation portion. This person was medically retired from the Army after ten years of active duty service, and receives retirement...