disability retirement

  1. L

    BCMR/Federal courts assistance (Adjustment Disorder w 70% combat PTSD rating)

    Hi all, I am a new member to this forum. I joined the Navy June 1, 2000 and was discharged Honorably August 20, 2015. I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007 where I was the transportation duty driver/travel liaison my job responsibility including picking up newly reporting personnel...
  2. T


    I served 5 years active duty at ft hood and did two tours to Afghanistan. I have been blown up and have a blown disc (been issued a back brace and medication) have very bad PTSD and have panic attack multiple times a week.been diagnosed with a serious depression and anxiety. I switch to the...
  3. C

    Fit for Duty determination due to Non-Service Connected Disability

    I have recently been determined unfit for duty due to a non-service connected disability and I have a few questions. Back story: I was involved in a vehicle accident in which I was injured and have a non-service connected disability. I was determined unfit for duty by my State surgeon and was...
  4. K

    Navy Timeline | Spinal Fusion + PTSD

    I hope this information is helpful to some of you going through the process. I have been plodding through the process, but it seems to be moving along relatively quickly. I was initially referred to MEB/PEB for my spinal fusion and the PTSD was added during the MEB before my package was sent...
  5. A

    Air Force Reserve 16 good years so far

    Hello everyone – I apologize if my situation has been addressed elsewhere in these forums. I have read numerous threads and have found disparate bits of information that apply but I am unable to put together a coherent, complete picture. Allow me to introduce my situation. I have 16 good...
  6. R

    Honorable discharge change to medically retired

    I have question in regard to changing my honorable discharge to medically retired. I’m not even sure if this is possible, but as the main reason I left the army was for medical reasons I believe that it’s worth a shot. I currently receive 70% rating from the VA from service connected injuries...
  7. bostonian94

    I need some advice on my MEB case.

    I am active duty Air Force reaching my two year mark in May, and I have little to no guidance from my providers or command on how the medboard process works. My MEB was submitted around August 2017, finally got in touch with my PEBLO in late November. I signed the paperwork agreeing to the...
  8. 1

    Last TDRL Eval - Next Steps and Guidance

    Hi All, I've just finished with doing my last and final Navy (5 years out, from being placed on TDRL) a few days ago. I am rated at 90% by the VA. I am 40 percent rated by the DoD, but two eval doctors have strong opinions about that being higher now. I did not serve 20 years. I am...
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