dod issuances

  1. W

    Dod and va pay

    Just say I receieve my NLT day for June 1 how does the pay work from that point forward. Just say my ratings are 30% dod and 80% VA. I’m very confused on how the pay works. I hear a bunch of different things. How long will it take to get paid? Roughly. I heard dod starts paying at first and it’s...
  2. Jason Perry

    Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM)-18-004 – “Revised Timeliness Goals for the IDES" 2018-09-13

    This DOD Directive Type Memo (DTM) updates the guidelines for time processing of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System. (The DTM is stated as "DTM 18-004;" This seems like a new naming convention for DTM issuances. I have to think this is based on "18" being the year and, perhaps, "004"...
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