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    Book Stipend

    When did you receive your very first book stipend? It seems like I won't get mine until summer semester is all but over. Is it $1000 upfront, or do they spread it out during the school year? Also did you get your first BAH payment 30 days after your first semester (on time), or did it take...
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    Possible Navy PEB/MEB coming... lots of questions

    I've been active duty for 19 months, 2 months into my Navy career, 2 days before graduating boot camp, I injured my shoulder... long story short, it's still not right and causing me pain, discomfort and loss of range of motion. (i reference the full story in my first post, if you're interested)...
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    Fractured Humeral Tuberosity 17months ago

    Hello all. I'm going to try to be brief: I broke my shoulder in the final evaluation of Navy boot camp. I had two days left of boot camp, had no more physical evaluations, and honestly only thought i had a serious labrum strain. I was on hold after boot camp for a month waiting for orders and...
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    Non-Linear Career Paths and VR&E

    After meeting with my Voc Rehab counselor, it seems like Voc Rehab isn't that useful for veterans who want to take a non-linear career path. Since Voc Rehab benefits are so dependent on what your counselor decides to do for you, I'm about to not use it at all. Since I don't want to go back to...
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    Can I Get FAFSA on top of my Post 9/11 GI Bill?

    Am I allowed to get a Pell Grant/any other type of federal grants or scholarships on top of using my 9/11 GI Bill and Voc Rehab? (I receive the 100% for the GI Bill) I also earned a small scholarship before enlisting and I haven't been able to get a good answer on whether I can use it on top of...
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    Post 9/11 GI Bill Qualify?

    Hello everyone, great resource here and thank you in advance for any guidance. This may or may not be the right area to post this (first time). I'm a ARNG soldier currently going through the MED Board process. My question is about the GI Bill. I'm a REP 63 and have been in training for a little...
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