head trauma

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    Hello, my name is Ryan and I am in the army. I hit my head on a jump a year ago and shit hit the fan. I was diagnosed with PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) and Migranes. Also cognitive impairments such as memory loss and depression/anxiety as well as PTSD. They’re talking about sending me through...
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    Fort Hood WTU MEB to PEB to Medically Retired Unexplained symptoms and what I have found so far TBI PTSD Anxiety fibromyalgia multiple sclerosis ?

    I am posting this as a combination on my journey. Maybe it will help others find resources for their issues. I started with my MEB timeline from Fort Hood and then moved into my symtpoms and at the end I talk about a current treatment program I am trying that has worked for a LOT of Vets being...
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