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    I am going through the IDES process here on Bragg. I signed my NARSUM 13 June 2019 and it was sent up 14 June 2019. Anyone been through the process that can tell me what to expect next and about when to expect it? Or can you share your timelines so I can get an estimate? My wife is due 14...
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    VA rating timeline.

    Hey, I’m just wondering what’s the average wait to get back VA ratings. It’s been 95 days I been waiting on ratings. I’m getting a little worried. I didn’t think I was even eligible for a Medboard. But MDD and PTSD are the main issues. The process started in October of 2018. The waiting process...
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    Severance Pay Timeline??

    Hello all! My EAS was 20190330 and I was wondering when is an accurate time frame to be seeing my Severance Pay and sold leave in my account? I can’t find a timeline anywhere and it would just be nice to know. Thank you :)
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    Peblo response time...

    Hello, not sure if this is the right forum or not but I wanted some feedback with people that have had experience with the IDES and meb process. My provider referred me to the IDES clinic in late January with a temporary profile for migraines. IDES accepted it on Feb 5th and I received a call...
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