1. B

    My Experience in Fort Hood

    From Fort Hood: Don’t fret about the timeline, I was in your position, I looked at the ebenefits page at least 10 or more times a day. It seemed to change but not in my favor. Look under work in progress and historical claims, if something appears in historical then your ratings are a few days...
  2. Sheldontl

    Just got Removed from TDRL and w/ Separated Severance Help!!!

    Good Morning, This all began while I was going through infertility treatment when the Navy doctors noticed that I had an anomaly in one of the blood test results. This was further tested and determined that I had an extremely rare bleeding disorder (Factor VII deficiency). This disorder...
  3. S

    USAFR MEB w/100% T&P Question

    I've read through the tremendous amount of invaluable information on this site, however, there's one thing I cannot glean from my searches--any insights would be greatly appreciated. I've been injected into the MEB process due to the following potentially unfitting condition: cervical spinal...
  4. P

    EBenefits changed from pending decision approval to gathering evidence

    Could this change be nothing? I was reading a post on a forum from 2013 where someone mentioned that the change could mean that their ratings were complete. Any experiences with this happening during the IDES process? Thanks!
  5. H

    Continue with care after found unfit?

    Forgive me if this has already been asked. I am waiting for my disability ratings, I was found unfit for my referred condition. In the mean time, I have various other injuries that I claimed. My question is while I'm waiting for the MEB process to finish up (which will probably still be a few...
  6. S

    Can legal speed this up?

    I have been in the PEB process for 135 days now. The timeline says 120 days. I have been in the post VA phase back at the PEB waiting for official ratings for 48 days now. My Peblo said nothing has changed yesterday morning. I am in the QA phase when I called they said they have 700 cases in...
  7. H

    78 Days since my case was started...still no fit or unfit...what could it mean?

    Last information that I got (no thanks to PEBLO) was that my case is listed as "QA READY." Calling the PEB allowed me to find out that I'm "Pre VA." This was all a couple of weeks ago. I'm up to 78 days now, and still no fit or unfit rating. Is this a bad sign? PEBLO continues to say "no...
  8. P

    My timeline. Full Pack. sent April 28th

    I found this board when I started MEB/PEB and it's been really helpful. Much more than other sites. I will try to share what I've learned from the board and this forum to help others stuck in the mess. I'm sorry for the commentary, I really want people to know how to navigate through this hell...

    Two C&P exams for the same condition conducted three weeks apart

    I recently had a C&P exam (C Spine and Lumbar) conducted by QTC on July 12 for a possible ratings increase. Then, two weeks later, I was finally accepted into the IDES process and contacted by my PEBLO. Three weeks after the ratings increase QTC exam I was scheduled by the VA to have my IDES...
  10. A

    Can you only request a VARR during IDES?

    Can you only request a VARR during IDES or can you request a VARR after you're discharged? If you can only request a VARR during IDES, is there a way to appeal your rating after you're out? I haven't gotten my ratings back yet. Just wondering.
  11. Fil12085

    Phone Conference with PEBLO...Any advice

    I have my initial conference call with my PEBLO on Wednesday and I am not sure if there is anything I should do, ask, plan for... My NMA is already being routed by my CoC, I just want to be fully prepared for this.
  12. Pyro

    Intent to File

    I submitted an intent to file last September before I got the ball rolling for my claim. In the last 4 months, I was finally submitted to the IDES process for my condition. It will be disqualifying and I do have an LOD for the condition. I was scheduled for 1 C&P exam this Friday, however, I...
  13. P

    Reviewing NARSUM tomorrow! Some questions...

    Hello all, So I just got the call that the results from my C&P exams are in, and I have to meet with my PEBLO and review them tomorrow. I'm really nervous! Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this? I'm hoping to have time to really go through it, maybe even with someone from Legal...
  14. A

    Sick of this bureaucratic bulls***

    I'm burnt out on all of this MEB, VA, IDES, bureaucratic bullshit. I'm too exhausted to go into all the details of why I feel so fed up. If it's not dumb ass, incompetent MEB personnel making mistakes that prolong this process, it's an unethical one trying to find a way to make sure I get...
  15. T

    Need Guidance Sketchy Providers

    I will try to condense this in hopes someone will have some guidance. I just started my IDES/MEB process, after several attempts from my providers and specialist to diagnose me one came up with hypermobility disorder. I say providers because I had to request a change from my previous one for...
  16. W

    IDES/IPEB Question

    For a quick overview of my situation, I have been coded 37 for "bilateral leg pain" due tendonosis (chronic condition/deterioration of my Achilles tendons from running). I My PCM submitted a IRLO, and AFPC recommended a full MEB. I have already completed my tele conference with the VA (I am...
  17. PilothouseCanary

    14 Business Days...forREALZ or forFAKEZ? If you have a closed historical claim, please comment.

    THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR READING AND COMMENTING! So, eBenefits showed a new claim open labeled IDES on May 4, status "Under Review" (May the 4th be with you, because it was with me, lol!) I've read that the VA strives to complete rating board within 14 business days and then sends back to PEB...
  18. S

    TDRL to PDLR question

    Hi Everyone! My situation: I have 18 yrs of active service in the Army. I am have been told by my doc that I've met MDRP and will be submitted to the med-board process. I know that based on my condition that I'll most likely be placed on the TDRL (PTSD, TBI, Cognitive Disorder/Memory, &...
  19. P

    NAVY - COMPLETED! Walter Reed/Bethesda 2015-2016 PEB Timeline

    This information is in my signature, but for those lurkers that can't see signatures I figured I would make a new post. My timeline was a little weird because I had already applied for voluntary retirement and had to overcome the presumption of fitness, and also my command never did a LODI for...
  20. FARMSGT08

    VA PTSD Rating Appeal

    Hello, In 2013 I went through the MEB/IDES process for PTSD while I was on Active duty in the Army. My process began in May of 2013 and ended in Jan of 2014 (faster than most), by July 8th I had received my findings back from the MEB and by July 10th everything was submitted to the PEB and VA...
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