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    Really F'ed myself on this one... NEED HELP!

    I broke my profile and fired a weapon about a month ago after being told to go and expend some left over ammo at the range while on range detail. Before my profile went to permanent back in August there was no indication on the profile about not firing a weapon. I was never explained my...
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    Need help!

    Signed my Da 199 a few weeks ago and apparently my S1 got a email with my stuff in it. From what I overheard was something about the Company Commander talking to the CG about not let me medical retire because I had a Chapter 13 pending. Someone help me out please, what should I do? I received...
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    Is this right or are they lying to me?

    I was told by a PA in private " the same one who has tried to work with command to kick me out" that once the results come back from the MEB that if you are pending a chapter of any kind that the General next in your chain of command will decide wether or not I get the MEB results or the...
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