1. Pricegoudaprice

    Admin Sep for mental health?

    Greetings all, I’m being recommended for a 2nd Limdu for MDD. I’ve been on a list of medications, have not missed an appointment and do everything as required. My psychiatrist changed my diagnosis to adjustment disorder a couple months ago and it seems my therapist and psychiatrist are in...
  2. J

    FPEB withholds adjudication until further MH assesment

    I recently had my FPEB via conference call. The va diagnosed me with adjustment disorder and gave me 30% for it . The Only MH dx the AF boarded me for was hypersomnia, they claimed it was not currently unfitting because it was controlled by meds, which it is not. My appeal stated that the...
  3. S

    JBSA Lackland Timeline

    10 Years in active duty. Feb 2016 Initial mental health issue arises Mar 2016 Get seen for a month at mental health facility Apr 2016 Mental health provider says SGA is going to suggest MEB May 2016 Second Hospitalization for 1 month, no MEB yet Jun 2016 Mental health provider rights my...
  4. carrieem

    Finally... My package is at the VA

    Yesterday my PEBLO told me that in my update it said something along the lines of "notification to be sent". I called the VA (multiple times :oops:) And found out that they received my package on Monday the 12th. I'm so happy there's movement and it's out of the PEB for now. Now to freak out...
  5. carrieem

    Pre VA Q&A, MDD, Anxiety, & More

    Hey everyone. I'm currently going through the ipeb process. Last I heard two weeks ago was that I am in the pre va stage. I was just looking for some tips or advice to help get through this. Back in February my C&P exams were done. I've read over those and determined what the possible ratings...
  6. M

    Major Depressive Disorder EPTS and permanently aggravated

    Originally got referred to MEB for Adjustment Disorder w/Anxious depressed mood, and when trying to get MEB overturned to stay in, it was changed to Major Depressive disorder. The NARSUM said EPTS but permanently aggravated by service. Does anyone know how that will affect ratings. I don't...
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