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    How detailed should I be when filling out the final physical paperwork?

    I was on a Med Board that ended up being canceled. I'm now doing the final physical and am filling out "DD Form 2807-1 Report of Medical History". On box 29 it tells you to provide an explanation of all the questions you answered YES to. Should I be super detailed with it, or would saying...
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    Testicular Pain

    I have been dealing with Left testicular pain, and illio-inguinal neuralgia since March of 2015. I have had a left spermatic cord stripping, and 5 nerve blocks down and nothing will subdue any of the pain I am in. No matter what I do it hurt. I have been seeing Pain Management for 4 months...
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    Is this real/legal?

    So, I was recently scheduled for my initial MH MEB appointment. The appointment is at Shaw AFB, which is a 2 hour drive away from where I'm stationed. My flight claims that someone in my chain of command has to drive me to my MH MEB appointment. He claims that this is standard procedure. The...