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    PEB for MST

    Hey guys so I’m an m day solder in the Guard whose being separated for PTSD.. the assault happened in 2014 but I didn’t actually loose it until 2018.. I was performing exceptionally in my Civilian and military obligations / getting ready to pick up my 3rd MOS and couldn’t do it anymore.. was...
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    Got the LOD, now what?

    I got my MST LOD back from NGB and it was approved in the Line of Duty. Now how do I go from that to into the IDES process? Has anyone been through this process? I thought the state SARC handled this process but found out today they only do the LOD. I’ve called every special victom’s counsel...
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    Referred to MEB due to PTSD from MST

    I am an M-Day National Guard Soldier. I was recently referred to a MED board for PTSD / anxiety due to an MST event. I was told by my state SHARP rep that an LOD would be initiated but the MST LOD would be handled differently than a regular LOD. One exception he stated was that it would route...
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    BCMR Process... any help & input appreciated

    I wanted to say hello to everyone. Unlike many on this forum, I’m the husband of a veteran. My wife was a victim of MST when she served in the Air Force back in the late 1980’s. And like many female service members, she was pretty much railroaded out of the Air Force by being given a diagnosis...
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    Hello , I've only been in the navy for 16 months but I was sexually assaulted at my first command and was just put on a medboard for PTSD and major deppresive disorder , I Had a suicidal attempt Back in February, because I am an MA and I'm not allowed to arm up I can no longer do my job. I also...
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    PTSD from MST

    I don't know how I ended up here and I very well may be in the wrong place. I can get wordy, so bare with me as I try to keep this as concise as possible. Quick background in early 2014 I was sexually assaulted (no need for apologies, it sucks but it happened) for a year and a half I was...
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