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  1. O

    Compensation question

    Hi all, I need some help with this one. I have a question when it comes to the VA waiver and my compensation. So recently, I got my DA 199, which came back 90% DOD and 100% VA TDRL. I've calculated my DoD retirement pay based on my disability rating (capped at 75%) to be $5625. My VA...
  2. C

    Severance pay/ credit for months towards another year?

    I’m currently going through the MEB process, already knocking out my QTC exams, almost done with SFLTAP too. The VA and my PEBLO are certain I will only get severance pay from the army and not medically retired. My question is how do they figure out that last year youre currently serving? Do...
  3. Z

    TDRL Pay

    Hello everyone, I recieved my results from the IPEB about a month ago. I was found unfit, transfer to TDRL, 50% VA / 30% DoD. In the information packet I recieved it specifically mentions "retirees on TDRL are entitled to a minimum of 50% of their base pay...if a member with less than 20 years...
  4. S

    HELP! Reserve MEB. How to calculate?

    My husband is going through the MEB and we are trying to calculate an estimate of how much he will be making after he is medically retired. It is a bit confusing. Reserve SFC with 20 years reserve time. 13 of those years active duty. Medical Retirement at 90% on the military side and 70% on...
  5. P

    Retirement vs severance choice

    Currently an O2E with 10 years looking at 20 or 30% dod, 80 VA. My issue is borderline at 20 or 30%, if I get 20% I would get 100k severance. I have a federal GS9 job lined up so I'm not worried about the insurance benifits, would it be better to get the retirement or the severance?
  6. M

    Taxes on Social Security Disability and VA?

    During this tax year I received disability while on active duty, separated and began receiving VA disability in addition to SSD. Will I pay taxes on my disability?
  7. T

    PDBR Accepted/CG Pay and Personnel Issues

    Hi! Hopefully someone can help me. Over a year ago my PDBR recommendation was accepted by the CG. I was awarded 50% retired pay for 6 months, after which 10% and severance pay (my initial award). The CG said they had to verify my initial severance pay was paid back (it was when I was awarded my...
  8. marioa

    Separations Pay Help

    Hi All! I received my notice that I would be separated for PTSD and Bipolar Disrder Type II (releated Category 2 diagnosis) at 10%. *Additional findings* the disability was incurred while entitled to receive basic pay the disability did not occur during a period of unauthorized absence the...
  9. djkarmoso

    DoD Rating Higher than VA

    My question is: If was on TDRL and after my reevaluation I was placed on PDRL (70% DoD.) Currently I'm 100% VA Scheduler. What happens if the VA does a reevaluation couple of years later and lower my rating to 60 or 50%. I've waived my DoD payment since the VA was higher. What can I do if the...
  10. catherinemedboard

    VA Disability Award Letter? Payment question!

    So i medically retired 22Jun17 and I did not receive my check for the first of july which was expected. However, when I called the VA to see when I will start getting paid, they did say i have to wait for my Disability award letter to come in the mail. Then i can submit that to the registration...
  11. S

    Severance Pay Tax Back Help

    I filed my claim on to get my severance pay that was taxed back. This is how they responded, " Your account is coded as 3800. You sent your ticket to 3891 Out of Service Debts. We cannot assist you. Please contact your former command. If an adjustment needs to be made, they can...
  12. S

    Travel Pay

    I've been on terminal leave since beginning of December and did a DITY move. I have only received one payment which was for my travel voucher but haven't received my other payment for my weight tickets and moving my own belongings yet. I am Navy. Does anyone know who I contact for that?
  13. N

    Was I lied to?

    I'll try to keep this question short, here it goes; So, I endured the IDES process for over a year and was finally determined UNFIT and agreed on my findings of 0% DoD, 40% VA (I got completed screwed. Should be rated MUCH higher but I didn't have any steam left in me to fight it anymore). My...
  14. 2

    Permanent Retire Pay Confusion!

    Hello, I've just received my IPEB results back. The recommendation is to permanently retire me at 50% with additional VA rating of 10% for other conditions. Combined rating of 60%. I'm an E-7 with almost 18 years of service in November. I know what I'll be getting from the VA but I'm not sure...