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    Profile 10 months still no diagnosis - chapter 5-17

    I am writing on behalf of my son. We are seeking guidance from all sources possible. He went through a 10 day selection for psyops and made it through the course but was not selected. During the course he was injured and pushed through the physical pain to finish the course. He sought medical...
  2. L

    wondering if my conditions will cause me to be found unfit and med retired?

    I'm new on this forum and I just had a few questions, my PCM is talking to the DAWG about me right now and im wondering if i will be put through to a MEB and if i am will i be medically retired or what will they most likely do with me? just to start i have a hurt back and shoulders, impingement...
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    Unable to do run/walk on PFT

    Hey everyone. I am new to this. I guess I will just write this out in hopes that someone can give me advice. I am Air Force Security Forces. While I was in Tech School, I injured my left knee. Initially they told me it was a meniscal tear and possible damage to my MCL. I then received an X-Ray...
  4. G

    Where should I go from here?

    So here's the story, I injured my back during a deployment back in beginning of 2014. I was pulling out a component that’s pretty heavy (don't know the actual weight, maybe 50lbs or more). Its rack mounted, but got suck diagonally between the rails. (Keep in mind that this part is located in a...
  5. R

    Sleep Apnea and Field Duty

    I am a staff sergeant with about 12 years TIS and I was just diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea last week. A year or two ago I was diagnosed with chronic non-allergic rhinitis as well. I am a 13B by trade and after I completed my recruiting tour I attempted to reclass to 35P. I...
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