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  1. J

    My Commander is trying switch me to the LDES.

    USAF: The PEBLO called me yesterday and told me that my CC has requested I be switched to the LDES from IDES. I have two C&Ps left for the IDES - an optometrist and an appointment for a TBI and/or generalized seizure disorder evaluation. Can this switch actually happen without my consent? Is...
  2. S

    Discharged in 93 - Honorable JFL1/RE-3P - Need help to understand my options

    I was discharged from the Marine Corps for having a dissociative disorder following a traumatic head injury while in the military and during operational hours while on duty. Following the injury, I had whiteouts and blank spells where I did not know what I was doing during a period up to two...
  3. Makarov

    PTSD disqualifying for Diving Duty

    Hello All. This is my first post so I’m sorry if I’m asking questions that have already been addressed in other threads. I started receiving treatment this past January which, ultimately, led me to a PTSD diagnoses. My new psychiatrist is suggesting that my symptoms may have originally started...
  4. M

    VA Evaluation

    Good evening everyone, I’m currently in a situation and would like some guidance. I’m currently active duty in the Marine Corps. About a year ago, I was assaulted by a civilian which caused me to be life flighted and put into ICU for a week. I was diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain...
  5. J

    TBI C&P question

    Hello all, I recently had my C&P for a TBI and I want to stay proactive and be prepared in case I do not agree with my NARSUM. My question is do migraines get added to the TBI percentage rating or do migraines get rated separately...
  6. C


    Hello, my name is Ryan and I am in the army. I hit my head on a jump a year ago and shit hit the fan. I was diagnosed with PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) and Migranes. Also cognitive impairments such as memory loss and depression/anxiety as well as PTSD. They’re talking about sending me through...
  7. C

    Fort Hood WTU MEB to PEB to Medically Retired Unexplained symptoms and what I have found so far TBI PTSD Anxiety fibromyalgia multiple sclerosis ?

    I am posting this as a combination on my journey. Maybe it will help others find resources for their issues. I started with my MEB timeline from Fort Hood and then moved into my symtpoms and at the end I talk about a current treatment program I am trying that has worked for a LOT of Vets being...
  8. J

    Mental Health Eval

    Hello all, I have been seeing VA mental health providers for nearly 6mo, it has been about a year since the TBI I suffered. I was notified that I must go to a mental health evaluation on base (must be DoD) before a NARSUM can be written and before anyone can determine if I will go through a...
  9. B

    Mental Disorders DBQ - Can my civilian psychiatrist fill this out?

    Happy New Year All - especially to anyone reading this from the Middle East. Quick background: Navy IDES but NARSUM not yet submitted. QTC Contractor - PhD - Did My TBI/Cognitive Dysfunction/Depression Exam using the Initial Post Traumatic Stress Disorder DBQ QTC Contractor -MD Neurologist -...
  10. J

    Code 37 since Feburary...need help

    Hello I am an 11yr TSgt, I served 4yrs active duty in the AF and have been part time in the ANG since. I was in a car accident in December of last year and experienced a TBI. Since then I have routinely seen two neurologists, done physical therapy, cognitive rehab, psychiatrists etc. For the...
  11. E

    PTSD Medboard Help 19years Active

    Currently I have 19 years and 4 months active duty time and am stationed in a WTU. I have been diagnosed with PTSD for 3 years. I have been on a profile for PTSD for 14 months now. I am here at the WTU for multiple medical conditions. I have recently taken the Daps test for PTSD and scored...
  12. B

    TBI, PTSD, Depression - Symptoms rated individually?

    Hi Everyone, I’m going through the Navy/IDES process. MED Board done. C&Ps done. Im reading as much as I can on this Forum, but perhaps someone could offer some assistance on this question: I was PEB’d for: 1).Lower Back Pain, Degenerative Disk Disease, Lumbar Spondylosis 2).Chronic Headaches...
  13. T

    Interim Review Panel

    Does anyone know what a Interim Review Panel is for? I got a call saying that the Invisible Wounds Program reviewed my case and are sending a recommendation up to the informal board.
  14. H

    Medication managed migraines

    How does the VA and DOD rate migraines that are managed by medication? There is a difference in the frequency and intensity Pre medication treatment and post treatment. I began getting migraines after a mTBI and was getting an average of 2 attacks a week with an avg intensity of 9/10 over a...
  15. K

    Increased VA disability rating and a petition for transfer to PDRL

    I was separated from active duty in 1967 following an TBI. My rating was 10%. Over the years, my service-connected condition has worsened, resulting in an increased rating from the VA of 43%. My VSO has appealed this rating. I petitioned the Navy Personnel’s Assistant for BCNR Matters to...
  16. L


    Case recently sent to va for ratings but they requested a cardiovascular exam .. will this set my process back by a lot ? I was told everything would be out the military by mid February or early March .. i am being med boarded for a venous sinus thrombosis “blood clot in brain”
  17. S

    TBI comp and pen doctor submitted his results prior to giving me an exam.

    I just had my TBI exam on may 12 2017 @800am. I first saw a neuropsychologist and she informed me that she had not reviewed any of my records so that she could perform an unbiased evaluation for cognitive functioning. She said that this exam would last about three hours and then she would review...
  18. F

    Germany IDES for TBI, cerebellar damage, and meniere etc

    Hello Everyone! Happy holidays! I would like to share my story and receive tips, recommendations, and advice! background about me: I'm a healthy male in my 30'S joined the Army less than a year ago. my Injury: during AIT I slipped down the stairs and received a mild head trauma and mild...
  19. S

    TBI Screening

    Hello all, I was medically separated from active duty and part of the process is going through the VA stuff. I have a proposed rating of 40% for TBI, I got a call saying they would like to setup an appointment with the VA to look more into this. If I already did these evaluations do I...
  20. F

    End of five years on TDRL

    i've been on TDRL five years and I'm going to go to my first appointment. my brain injury has got much better and I am concerned that my disability pay will lower. Is this something that I should hire a lawyer to make sure that I will be taking care of.