1. Z

    TDRL Pay

    Hello everyone, I recieved my results from the IPEB about a month ago. I was found unfit, transfer to TDRL, 50% VA / 30% DoD. In the information packet I recieved it specifically mentions "retirees on TDRL are entitled to a minimum of 50% of their base pay...if a member with less than 20 years...
  2. D

    VA Re-Evaluation Questions

    Hey everyone, Just a little background on me. I was found unfit and my last day on active duty was April 29th, 2017. TDRL, 20% DoD, 100% VA. Was re-evaluated for PDRL around March of 2019. I was denied PDRL and was supposed to receive severance but still have not received that nor any sort of...
  3. C

    Federal employment after seperation

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I was told at one point during my MEB that I need to be careful with federal employment if I am medically retired from the military. I was going through a lot at the time and didn't...
  4. C

    Reduced rating for migraines

    Hello all, I have searched the forums for an answer but cannot seem to find one any help is appreciated. I went through an MEB about a year ago for migraine headaches. I am now on the TDRL until my condition gets better or the 3 years elapses and I am retired. While I have found no relief...
  5. A

    TDRL Medical Marijuana Risk losing PDRL?

    I know there are many posts like this but I have found none that have a solid answer. I am about to be placed on TDRL for Major Depressive Disorder along with many other smaller conditions rated to a total of 70 mil 90 va. I plan on getting a medical marijuana card to help with anxiety and...
  6. rocky8289

    Updating your TDRL retiree ID Card to PDRL 65th Birthday?

    How to update your retiree ID Card that is about to expire if you were transferred from TDRL to PDRL? For instance, your TDRL ID expires in 4 months, but the PEB final reevaluation recommended remove you from TDRL to PDRL... How do you update your old retiree ID with a new expiration date until...
  7. H

    Combat Retired TDRL/PDRL Military - GS Job Advice

    Hello All, I wanted to share some advice that I have for MEB Boards and being combat injury retired. 1) Your base pay is totally tax free. If they tax you here is the link from DFAS. 2) If you apply for a GS job then it’s...
  8. N

    TDRL final exam question

    In Nov 2014, I was med-boarded from the Navy for MDD with Anxiety and pinched nerves in my back, and placed on TDRL with 40% and a VA rating of 40%. Since then, I've been seen at the VA at least once a month (excluding a year where I was being seen in town through the veteran's choice program)...
  9. E


    I have decided to request a FPEB, I was diagnosed with Crohn's then put on TDRL. After my first evaluation I received notification that I am now going to be discharged with 10%. My condition is unstable and I sent a rebuttal with further medical paperwork and they stood with there decision. I...
  10. K

    Med Retirement or Regular

    I recently completed my PEB, awarded 70% DOD, 100%VA P&T, and approved for PLD out to my 20 year mark. My question is should I accept a Medical retirement at 20 years (TDRL) or request the waiver & apply for a regular on the same date? Does it make a difference? Appreciate the community...
  11. Z

    Choices available

    If the referring condition comes back at 30% or more and you are at 15 years of service; can you elect to deny the retirement and choose the severance? I understand all the benefits but looking at all options for my family right now.
  12. T

    TDRL Message Questions

    So this is my first post and I'm assuming this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find an exact answer. I have signed my paperwork to medically retire with 70/70 VA and DOD respectively. Now that this is over, I have zero idea of what is supposed to happen next. I have been...
  13. D

    On TDRL, havent heard from VA for final check up, Approaching 3 year mark

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what this is a letter for? I logged into mypay for the first time in a while and saw a letter from the Retiree and Annuitant Pay stating that Im entitled to a monthly payment. However, the address and bank account number were wrong when I logged in, they were from an...
  14. U

    TDRL re-evaluation affecting VA rating

    Good evening, all, I was medically separated a little over two years ago from the USMC and placed on the TDRL for mental health. I was rated 70% by the DoD for my mental health condition and 100% by the VA for a combination of conditions. In April I had my first re-evaluation. The civilian I...
  15. H


    First of all thank you all for all your help. This forum tends to answer question that I can't even get from the admin people on base.... That said I'm trying to estimate my take home retirement pay and I've found a couple of things and no one seems to be able to answer.... I got my MEB...
  16. jeremymays92

    TDRL Appointment - Do I need to request my VA records?

    I am scheduled for a TDRL re-evaluation for the Air Force coming up at Scott Air Force Base. When they ask for you to provide records, the VA tells me my file is too big to release to me which is strange given it is for an evaluation. I was told again the same thing for a Social Security...
  17. JerseyxFresh

    Severance pay timeline?

    I got my separation orders 13 March 19, submitted to DFAS on the 18th. It is currently 01 July 19 and I am still waiting, When I call they tell me it’s still in “Review”. I get no other answers and I have no clue what’s going on. Anyone in the same boat?
  18. M


    I am on the TDRL. I have exhausted all appeals to be transferred to PDRL. It has been 3 months since the decision. I haven't heard anything from personnel or gotten orders to be separated. Any idea what might be going on? I need to get something before I can appeal to the Board of Corrections.
  19. L

    BCNR assistance (Adjustment Disorder Discharge) 70% combat PTSD rating

    Hi all, I am a new member to this forum. I joined the Navy June 1, 2000 and was discharged Honorably August 20, 2015. I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007 where I was the transportation duty driver/travel liaison my job responsibility including picking up newly reporting personnel...
  20. jeremymays92

    When are you notified of removal from TDRL?

    I was placed on TDRL on March 10, 2015 and my upcoming 5 year expiration mark is coming up next year March 2020, about 8-9 months left. The Air Force has only scheduled me for one TDRL Exam which I made sure to attend and it took place on January 2018. A month later, I received the letter of...
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