1. Jason Perry

    Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM)-18-004 – “Revised Timeliness Goals for the IDES" 2018-09-13

    This DOD Directive Type Memo (DTM) updates the guidelines for time processing of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System. (The DTM is stated as "DTM 18-004;" This seems like a new naming convention for DTM issuances. I have to think this is based on "18" being the year and, perhaps, "004"...
  2. L

    PDA Info!

    TIMELINE Referral: 11/07/2016 Claims: 11/08/2016 EXAMS: 12/13/2016 MEB: 1/19/2017 IPEB: 2/03/2017 VA Ratings: 2/11/2017 PEB: 3/15/2017 NO APPEAL :) DA199 Signed:3/17/2017 PDA: ??? :( Initially after I signed my 199 my PEBLO, almost more excitedly than me, said I would get orders in...
  3. P

    My Timeline

    30 Nov 16: Recommend MEB 02 Dec 16: AFPC approves full MEB 05 Jan 17 - 19 Jan 17: C & P Exams 07 Feb 17: Case submitted to IPEB 07 Feb 17: MyPers sends email stating they received my MEB 27 Feb 17: MyPers sends email with unfit finding
  4. Spooky731

    Timelines post retirement/separation

    Hi all. I'm relatively new here. I've posted a couple other times and received awesome feedback so I'll give it another go on a new thought/question. What is the average timeline for one to receive a formal VA Rating when retired/separated via the IDES process? I've scoured the site a bit and...
  5. Spooky731

    Recently Medically Retired... Now What?

    As of 28NOV15, I have been medically retired from the AF for a diagnosis of MS. I have so many concerns that I find it difficult for my mind to settle on one thing at a time. First, I was given a DoD rating of 30%/VA Proposed rating of 80%. eBenifits had stated that my rating has been "Pending...
  6. Jason Perry

    NBC Bay Area Investigation: "National Guard Line of Duty Investigations Overdue Across the Country"

    Here is the NBC Bay Area story that aired yesterday. I am sure this will resonate with many folks here at the PEB FORUM. http://www.nbcbayarea.com/video/#!/investigations/investigations/Bigger-Than-California:-National-Guard-Line-of-Duty-Investigations-Overdue-Across-the-Country/352068101
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