ulcerative colitis

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    Ulcerative Colitis, C Code? MEB

    Hey I’ve been in the AF Reserve for nearly two years. My first year and a half was spent on active orders. During this I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, symptoms started several months after being in. I am now on Remicade and have a LOD for my UC (and my depression caused by it). My...
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    MEB for Ulcerative Colitis - Should I wait to say anything until promotion?

    Good evening. I've been in the Army going on 10 years and was hoping to get promoted before an MEB was initiated on me. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis since Summer 2018 while I was PCSing to my next duty station. While on PCS leave I developed Pancreatitis from complications...
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    Question about how my PEB will be effected.

    Hello I have been going through the MEB process since July 2019. I started this process because of a gradual decline of my health beginning In April of 2019 I had a very severe flare up and could no longer perform my daily duties. After going through the process and getting appointments made I...
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    MEB intiated for Ulcerative Colitis, What are my chances of staying in?

    I've been in the Air Force for almost 6 years. I've had the UC for 4 years but I have never had a MEB until now. My doctor says there's a very low chance I'll get the boot since my UC is really mild and I don't have to take strong meds. However, I really want to hear from people who have...
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    Ulcerative Colitis

    Hey there! So I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis. I am on Remicade and immunosuppressants. I have just completed my 3rd infusion but now the docs are telling me I am most likely going to be Medboarded. I am Active Duty Army with 6 year TIS. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Ulcerative Colitis and Secondary Affects

    Hello everyone! So I just went through IPEB portion and was rated 100% through the VA, but 10% for the AF. My UC/PSC was rated at 10% and I plan on getting my doctor to assist me in the VA reconsideration, but want to go through the FPEB portion as well. I was also diagnosed with enteropathic...
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    MY Process and Ratings as of Today 5Sep17

    6Dec16-Diagnosed UC 15Dec16-MEB/31/Profile 27Jan17-NARSUM Written/Submitted 9Feb17-Commanders Letter 10Feb17-Narsum/CC Letter Sent to Chief Of Medicine 27Feb17-AFPC Needs Justification for 469 limitations prior to Adjudication? 31Mar17-AFPC recommends full MEB 5Apr17-Meet with PEBLO 6Apr17-Meet...
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    Remicade and Ulcerative Colitis

    Had anyone been rated analogously for the use of remicade for their UC treatment? It looks like for other conditions (e.g. Skin conditions, asthma) it would be 60%, but it's not even listed for UC. I'm nervous that they will only rate me at 10% because my disease has been under control for...
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    MEB for Ulcerative Colitis; Possible COAD

    Here's my situation: I'm active Army since Jan 2005. I was diagnosed with UC in late 2006. Flared off and on but fairly well controlled until I went to OCS in 2008/2009 and then flared terribly. Went on Immuran and got under control. During BOLC they referred me to MMRB and I was retained in...
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    Ratings back from PEB. NOT HAPPY. Appeal is happening.

    We got our UNFIT ratings today. My husband is NOT HAPPY. He is an MMN and has been in this whole limbo process since January 2015. We sent off his PEB packet in February. For ulcerative colitis and UC-related arthritis my husband received 10%, plus a severance for his separation. On the VA...
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    VA rep says husband is UNFIT! Can we trust that answer at this point?

    Hi all! My husband has been in the LimDu process since Jan. 2015. His two conditions being rated by the DoD are Ulcerative Colitis and UC-related arthritis. Timeline: Pending decision approval and compensation changed on eBene on Jan. 19, 2016 Last C& P exam: Feb. 12, 2016 NARSUM sent off...
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    Trying to figure out percentages for a total of 23 conditions, please!

    Hi all! Thank you to everyone who always shows support and offers advice in this forum. It is because of you all that others are able to keep their sanity and head in the right direction with their questions. My husband's NARSUM was signed Feb. 22, 2016 for Ulcerative Colitis and UC-related...
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    Could it move any slower?

    My husband has been on limited duty since February 2015 due to ulcerative colitis and UC-related arthritis. He's had two flares while waiting and has taken prednisone for each one. Since the second dose of prednisone and after regularly taking probiotics, he is doing better. He still has regular...
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    Curious about retirement possibility with husband's condition

    Hi all, Sorry if this is not the right place for this. I'm new to the forum. My husband was diagnosed a year ago with Ulcerative Colitis. He was taken off his ship and placed on Limited Duty. He just finished his second round of LD and the doc wants to send his MED board to PEB. He is on a...
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    Can I stay in the military with this condition?

    I have been in the Army National Guard for 10 years. Back in May I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called ulcerative colitis. Basically my immune system is attacking my otherwise healthy colon. It has failed adequate response to treatment thus far. After discussing it with my civilian...
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