1. T

    Fort Gordon Timeline 2019-2020

    So far: 18JUL19 - Scoliosis found, referred to Specialist 10OCT19 - Referred to MEB by Specialist 10DEC19 - MEB brief 12JAN20 - PEBLO first contact 12JAN20 - Forms signed with VA rep 22JAN20 - C&P Exams notifications 6-9FEB20 - C&P Exams 9APR20 - MEB found unfit, Signed Narsum 14JUN20 - 199...
  2. R

    C&P exam procedures changed?

    Have a question for some of you folks on here that are past or rather recently completed the IDES C&P exams at the VA. Is there a new way of conducting ROM tests? My examiner did it “hands on” and via line of sight. Is this the norm for those of you that have gone through it recently? I was...
  3. P


    What should I do. I received my packet back and its only giving me 20% for DOD and 80% VA now. The reason I want to fight this is because the examiner only used my QTC ROM DQB forms any other documents I provided even a 2nd opinion ROM weren't evaluated at all and they really screwed me over...
  4. A

    Requesting P&T from 100% non-perm rating?

    Good morning, How does one go about requesting their conditions be rated as permanent? I recently was medically retired (30% DoD PRDL and 100% VA non-permanent) but am interested in the protected status and benefits that come with P&T (for my family mostly). Where do I find what conditions...
  5. A

    Migraine and VA 4138 ?

    So I am in the IDES process and recently received my C&P results back, which for my referred condition (migraine) is completely wrong. Results are: Does veteran have characteristic prostrating attacks of migraines - YES If yes, frequency - WITH LESS FREQUNT ATTACKS Does veteran have very...
  6. 1

    VARR on

    My husband submitted a VARR on 16 May. Does it show when the VARR is sent back to the PEB on Right now, he has a closed claim (original) and an open claim of the same conditions that I'm assuming is kept open until he leaves active duty. Also, just curious, for those who had submitted...
  7. mrsentinel

    VARR and NOD

    If I elect to do a PEB VARR does that prevent me from filing a NOD when I am officially retired? Am I better off just leaving retiring and filing a NOD? I am TDRL DOD 70% and 80% VA. I have one permanent condition that is 30% and the "unstable" condition is PTSD at 50%. I am thinking of...
  8. L

    VARR question

    Hi all. Sorry if this is a sort of silly question. I think I know the answer but I want to verify. If you request a VARR, and the VA accepts it and agrees to increase your percentage, does that mean your DOD percentage will automatically increase too for that referred condition? I did a VARR for...
  9. L

    New System and Effects on Timelines (JBSA)

    Figured I'd post and give some knowledge to everyone else suffering along with me. First, here's my timeline so far at JBSA (Army) My timeline: 28sep16:new P3 profile submitted to start MEB again (this is my 2nd MEB, 1st result was FFD) 06oct16: MEB doc consultation over the phone, confirm...
  10. tony292

    VARR example that worked

    Here is some of the text from my VARR. I included only the mental health portion as it applies widely to a variety of people here on this forum. I left out the Myasthenia Gravis part as there are only like 3 of us on this board. hope this helps someone. I was able to go from 50% to 70% for MH...
  11. A

    Can you only request a VARR during IDES?

    Can you only request a VARR during IDES or can you request a VARR after you're discharged? If you can only request a VARR during IDES, is there a way to appeal your rating after you're out? I haven't gotten my ratings back yet. Just wondering.
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