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    ETS date and terminal leave

    First of all thanks for any and all information I get from this thread. I just finished my PEB appeal and received 50% army with 12 years in service so I’ll be receiving medical retirement. My question is with the amount of time it will take me to get my orders to clear and take 60 days of...
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    PTSD Medboard Help 19years Active

    Currently I have 19 years and 4 months active duty time and am stationed in a WTU. I have been diagnosed with PTSD for 3 years. I have been on a profile for PTSD for 14 months now. I am here at the WTU for multiple medical conditions. I have recently taken the Daps test for PTSD and scored...
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    Reservist needing guidance

    Hello all, Just registered, but have been researching here for a while now. I've looked at similar cases/posts and couldn't come to a conclusion regarding my particular circumstances. Anyway, I'm 31 years old, and in the army reserve with 12 good years of service. About 7 of those years are...
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    18 years Active Duty possible Chrohn's candidate for WTU and MEB

    Good Afternoon I have 18 years active Army and currently am stationed in Germany. For the past 4 years I have had Gastro issues that have been Documented. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Chronic Proctitis, Gastritis, Chrohns Disease, and Encopresis not due to a substance or known physiological...
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    Bragg WTU

    Anyone have insight on the Bragg WTU? My BN surgeon put in a packet for me to go there. I've got fibromyalgia after a T12 compression fracture and have been dicked around the past year on and off profile in an attempt to deploy. SRC found me unfit, however, but there's still no word on an MEB.
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    Fort Stewart WTB

    Hi, I have read some horror stories about the WTB's in the Army. Has anyone had recent experiences? I am heading to Fort Stewart soon and would like to mentally prepare for whats ahead of me. Is the WTB a pretty good recovery source? I really need more treatment to get better before I get...
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    Needing Guidance on a complex situation

    Hello all, So I'm seeking some guidance on a complex situation I'm having. So the quick run down, I've been in the army for 5.5 years, a couple of years ago in Afghanistan I began having issues with my knee. It wasn't dealt with because I was on a small FOB. Now 3 years later my knee is in...
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