100% Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and SMC-S Question


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Good afternoon
My wife has a rating of 100% for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and an aggregate of greater than 60% on her other disabilities. She has been receiving SMC-S for the past year, but wants to try to find employment. My question is twofold:

Does she need to turn off SMC-S once she finds employment or is working allowed? Her 100% is not permanent and a reevaluation will be required, so should we just wait until then to inform them that she is able to now work?

What we don't want to happen is for her to be working for 6 months, be called for a re-evaluation that downgrades her rating, and for them to say "since you've been working for 6 months, we are going to take back 6 months of SMC-S pay". Is that situation even possible?

Thanks in advance!


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Since you are entitled to SMC-S either by virtue of being rated at 100 percent for any one condition, and have any additional conditions that reach 60 percent, OR being housebound (IE, unable to leave the house or work), you are completely legal under the first qualifier (the 100 plus 60 percent) to work, no issues. I personally am under that situation since about 2010 and are able to legally draw VA + SMC-S, and work. I feel that if one was under the second qualifier (housebound), it would be a difficult case to argue. Drive on!


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I think the answer about is on target. SMC-S is a two pronged affair.
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