100% P&T VA rating still in active reserves


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Just recently in DEC, I received a 100% P&T rating from the VA. Presently I am in a ready force X unit at 53 Y.O. (Yea Army) I have 15 years in, four active, two deployments. I have had only temporary profiles and my Puhles are 1's across the board. My command team is wondering how I can be in a deployable status with my present rating, and I should be getting a med board. However, no one can point me in the right direction. It should be said, that I am only staying in because I transferred my GI Bill to my son, and that came with a time commitment. He will lose it if I voluntarily get out, but if I get a medical retirement then the time commitment is nulled. I have a case manager nurse from the TEC asking for documentation from my Civilian doctors so she can get profiles going. One question is what documentation constitutes a P3, and what should I do, lol. My rating is as follows, all service connected:

(PTSD) with traumatic brain injury (TBI) (also claimed as anxiety, depression, memory loss and loss of focus) 50%
Secondary to the PTSD/TBI Headaches 50%

plantar fasciitis, bilateral, and metatarsalgia, left foot 50%

lumbosacral strain (claimed as lower back pain) 20%
Secondary to lumbosacral strain radiculopathy, left lower extremity 20%
Secondary to lumbosacral strain radiculopathy, right lower extremity 10%

left knee tendonitis (claimed as left knee movement) 10%
tinnitus 10%
loss of smell 10%
bilateral hearing loss 0%


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Question for the OP? Are you drilling and being paid and receiving VA compensation at the same time?


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