1SG threatened to revoke transition leave


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Can he do that if it’s been approved by the BDE CDR?

Back story: Ireceived my orders last Wednesday and my last day in the army is 11 May. My leave form starts the 29th of Feb because of PTDY and accrued leave, it’s been approved by my BDE CDR. My leave form skipped the training room and went straight to BN CDR then straight to BDE because I only had 9 working days and couldn’t get clearing papers without the leave form.

I final out tomorrow (28 Feb) and yesterday my 1SG, who hasn’t said anything to me since the start of my MEB, told me if I didn’t bring my stamped clearing papers to him on Friday he would revoke my leave and report me as awol. This was right after he told me he wouldn’t give the battery commander my bah form (this is in my BC’s office and in front of several others) at this point I just said roger and walked out. He called me back in, gave the cdr my bah form to sign, 1SG signed my unit clearing papers and then he told me to try and make it to final formation Friday so they can present me my award.

My command team has been absent throughout this entire process. Have not talked to me beyond trying to assign me additional duties while I was clearing/getting my transition in order. I am just confused and mostly pissed off but I’m also pretty sure he doesn’t have the authority to revoke my leave form


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I served as a first sergeant for several years and my company commander never denied my recommendations. On the other hand, since the BDE commander is involved, he would be taking a chance by pulling your leave.

--continue to follow all orders
--request permission to speak to company commander and others in your chain of command if you continue to have problems
--see IG if nothing else works

Good luck.

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