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Air Force with 10 years Active Duty Service, had a short break in service for transition from enlisted to commissioned status (1yr 8 mos). I was recently informed by my PCM that I will be referred to MEB and I came across this forum while searching for information. I am unfamiliar with the MEB process and am actively learning as much as I can, but could use advice and input on likely outcomes from those that have navigated this process based on my situation/listed conditions.

Documented conditions:

1. OSA (Jan 18)

2. Mild persistent asthma (Oct 18)

3. Adjustment Disorder (Sep 18)

4. Flat foot acquired (PES PLANUS) (Jan 08)

other medical issues over the years:
Shin splints, hearing loss, otitus media, lumbago, sciatica, knee sprain, shoulder injury cervicalgia, dyspnea, pneumonia, possible PARS L5 defect

I am told that my OSA would trigger an expedited/lite MEB, but now the asthma and AD will trigger a full MEB. I have been dealing with breathing issues over the last year, and after several visits to urgent care and being given alergy medicine that did not help I finally requested my PCM refer me for a pulmonary breathing test. This resulted in my diagnosis of asthma. As for AD I have been dealing with depression and anxiety over the last few years, but over the last year the impact on my work and home life became troublesome enough to check myself into BHOP and I was immediately referred to MH.


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OSA is rarely found unfit. Asthma and mental health are questionable. Both come in types and/or levels of severity. The first course is always to try treatment. Many MH conditions respond well to treatment. As do many respiratory illnesses.

You may want to go to the resource section of this website and download the MSD. The MSD contains the medical retention standards.

Should an MEB be started, you might want to think hard about all the conditions you have experienced while in the AF. Make a list, similar to the one in your post, of all injuries and illness. You will need that list to file a VA claim.

The big question is, "what do you want?"


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The MSD is a good resource, thank you for sharing that with me. I am not very concerned with what % DoD assigns to me, as long as I am found unfit and am able to separate with an honorable discharge. I am certain that I will be better able to recover with friends and family around. I do not think I can survive another 2.5 years like this. Additional info on my MH situation: I went from receiving many awards, top strats and given the most challenging positions however over the last couple years my work performance has definitely declined, but not to the point to where any actions have been taken against me other than a position move for which I requested. I had trouble keeping up with the workload, became very stressed, angry, have had moments of anxiety, and have difficulty remembering things. Have been depressed and do not enjoy doing things that I used to. We have a high OPS tempo and I am certified on multiple crew positions and held leadership positions simultaneously, this at many times caused me to feel like I was being pulled in too many directions. My home life has been affected as well, but I would rather not go into the details. As for my asthma, in the last year or so I started to have random shortness of breath even without physical activity. More recently this began to occur almost daily. I have been prescribed Fluticasone Propionate, ALBUTEROL SULFATE, Montelukast Sodium. Some of the other medical issues I have had over the years are not daily issues, but come and go from time to time and may become bigger issues later in life.
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