1st timer, need advice on 2nd opinion post op


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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine told me about this forums so I decided to past and see if I can get some feedback. I recently had surgery in 5 months ago on my left hip. Since having the surgery, I havent felt the same. Continued pain and weakness in my hip and now leg and foot. I saw my PCM and she said she would put in a consult for a 2nd opinion to see a civilian off base. But she also mentioned that doing so would potentially generate a DAWG review. Is this true? Should I be afraid of requesting a 2nd opinion from another doc?

I havent PT tested due to this issue in a while so I guess technically I should've already had a review by now but havent. I personally would invite a MEB because it's getting to be too much with this pain.


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Don't be afraid of getting a civilian opinion. You will need all the support...evidence...you can get for your VA claim. Maybe even the PEB if it gets to that. My experience with the PEB was not good, but that was 10 yrs ago. I spent 8 months on convalescent leave and have very few entries in my SMRs other than the convalescent leave form. The PEB expected me fully healed since there was nothing recent in their packet. They were surprised to learn my condition was getting worse.

I'd advise anyone serious about the PEB to at least consult an attorney. Especially if your condition is serious or you have 20 yrs in service. An attorney can better advise you (PEBLOs are usually admin) when it comes to application of the rules, as things don't always work out as WE expect based on our research of the policies. I do know that if you are at 20 yrs, get MED Boarded out, but take your retirement based on years of service. That allows you to also get VA compensation for your injury. IF you get retirement based on injury compensation, you cannot collect compensation from the VA without waiving one or the other. A medical discharge has benefits, like frozen TriCare premiums.
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