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20- Retirement vs. Medical Retirement vs. TERA


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I'm having hard time finding the differance in health care bennies in Medical retirement / TERA vs. regular 20Year retirement. I know I will be taken care off and my wife is also a VET, but what about our kids? I pretty sure Tri-Care covers dependents If I get 20Y Retirement. Will Medical or TERA retirement be the same? I'm am active duty 18.8 years and in the middle of PEB. I know trying to delay to reach 20 is the best, but is Medical or TERA retirement dependent healthcare the same? Or is getting blue cross/ shield about the same?


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All retirees and their dependents are TRICARE eligible. Beware - if you are found unfit and rated below 30% by the PEB you will be separated vice retired and thus lose all retirement benefits to include TRICARE.

The big issue will be CRDP eligibility. Disability retirees with less than 20 years service are not eligible for CRDP. TERA retirees are length of service retirees are all length of service retirees are eligible for CRDP. Disability retirees with 20 or more years of service are eligible foe CRDP.

CRDP could bring you $3,000+ more a month depending on your VA rating and retirment amount.

Don't worry about TRICARE, worry about CRDP.



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Want to be center mass;

Ques: Have over 15 years in rated above 30% can you elect TERA instead in 2012?

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No branch has announced guidance on TERA (except Navy, which has only announced they will be permitting ERB identified Sailors to use it), so it is difficult to guess the contours of how the policies will work. But, having been rated at above 30%, it appears to me that a strict reading would not allow for TERA application if you are found unfit and retired under 10 USC Chapter 61. That said, we have to see how the branches implement the TERA statute.