20 Years active duty. Put on TDRL at 100% , VA 100%

I recieved my ratings back at 100% DOD and 100% VA, I am active duty and have 20 years. If I am on TDRL instead of regular retirement does that mean I wont get CRDP until I get out of the TDRL for regular length of servive retirement?


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If you have 20 years active duty then you have earned a regular retirement.

You will be able to collect your LOS retirement and your VA C&P concurrently.


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Do you know why they just didn't give you PDRL? I had nearly 23 years in with same results as you except the board gave me PDRL.


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I was diagnosed in 2013 with stage zero, type 3 bladder cancer. I had a reoccurrence in late 2017. I’m a Vietnam-era sailor who didn’t deploy to Vietnam. However, as a Gunner’s Mate, I was exposed to a lot of solvents that have been linked to cancer. Ditto for a variety of contaminants (asbesto, etc.) while in drydock during a refit. VA says my cancer is not service related. Anyone run into this before?
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