2nd AWCP (tape test) failure while going through MEB


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Good morning, today I failed my second body fat test within 12 months. I am currently in the MEB process and have been since January of this year. My paperwork is to be sent to VA today after I signed the form stating that I agree with the MEB decision. My concern is that when the company flags me, and they begin the chapter packet, will it hold weight at this point in my MEB process? My PEBLO is out of town this week so I can not ask her, so I am reaching out to y'all. My 1SG asked yesterday to see my not fit for duty memo but I haven't received one as of yet. Question 2 is when can I expect to see that? Thank you in advance


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1. Your P3 Profile which initiated the MEB is the resulting documentation from the FFD exam. In other words, your FFD exam found issues with you which caused the P3 profile/ initiated the IDES process. Print off a copy of your profile to show your 1SG. He/she doesn't need to see the exam results only that you have a P3 profile. Also the profile shows that you have started the IDES process.
2. Ht/Wt- failures are an administrative Flag and do not take precedence over an MEB. A few regulations related to this topic: AR 600-9 AR 600-8-2 and AR 635-40. (Not sure if you're Army or not).

While in uniform/ active duty you have to maintain Ht/ Wt standards listed in AR 600-9 Figure 3-7(Army). If you fail Ht/Wt your command can Flag you and recommend you for the weight control program. You'd participate within the parameters of your profile until you are found fit/ unfit by the PEB. If found fit, then you'd continue the weight control program, if found unfit I'm not sure- maybe continue until you get separation/ retirement orders. Speak with your MEB legal staff they can help you navigate this as well. Hope this was helpful/ useful. Maybe others on this forum have more information about this topic too.
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