30% TDRL VS. 30% PDRL Explained


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When service members are provided with findings from the PEB (ex., moved from TDRL to PDRL), they are presented with an information sheet that states the following:

Do not assume that 30% TDRL is the same as 30% PDRL (for this specific scenario, most individuals with less than 20 years of active service will see their retired pay drop from 50% of their base pay to 30% once they are placed on PDRL).

This looks and seems alarming on the surface, and for some, it is.

Simply put, a TDRL member is paid at the 50 percent rate throughout their time on TDRL until final adjudication, even if they are offered 30% from the outset (start). Their rating (percentage) while on TDRL remains unchanged. A 30% PDRL adjudication would then be just that - 30 percent of base pay (or similarly factored), as opposed to the 50 percent rate payable under TDRL.

However, in most cases, a service member's VA rating is almost always higher and you will be compensated through that channel only (if you have less than 20 years active duty), and unless otherwise eligible for CRDP and CRSC.


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Re: "Higher"

Yes, the VA rating is often higher.

When it is not, the following occurs if the retiree agrees to waive retired pay in the amount of VA compensation:

CH 61 retired pay is reduced by the amount of VA compensation received. There are cases where the waiver leaves some residual retired pay.

-- retired pay = 3200
--VA compensation = 3000
-- 3200 minus 3000 = 200 residual retired pay (payble to retiree) + 3000 VA compensation

The waiver is not due to the VA compensation being higher (the waiver would also apply if the VA comp is less). However, being higher would cause all the retired pay to be waived.

These remarks do not address CRDP for those eligible for another retirement or CRSC.

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