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35S4O MEB Amateur and Considering Requesting One (Kinda Long but informative)


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Not sure what info is pertinent.
--Main issues-- I am a SFC w/ 9.5 years of service. I am stationed on an AFB and w/ the exception of my PCM see civilian Drs for most everything. Sinc I have had three knee surgeries on the same knee (Two ACL and One meniscus). I supposedly herniated my L4/L5 disc in 2007. Did the PT and chiro thing and all seemed well. Feb 2011 I aggravated said Herniation. I have been on a P3 since Feb 2011 (PCM keeps renewing) MRI was done and I have been seeing Pain mgmt since Apr 2011. I have gone through 5 courses of different injections (missed a total of 3 weeks of work). Had procedure (Discogram) performed and confirmed herniation. Hips, legs, and buttocks always hurt and b/c of multiple leg surgeries and back issue my hips are out of whack and gait screwed up. End result ADR performed w/ limited improvement.

-- Minor issues-- Suffer from perpetual sprained ankles and major insomnia. Insomnia treated w/ Ambien and phsycologist (not helping)

As stated I am a MEB amateur. I am unsure if it is worth pursuing or if there is even a way to guess.