3rd LIMDU. Also have Rheumatoid Arthritis


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Hey guys I'm new here and like my title says. I'm on my 3rd LIMDU and I also have RA. I was diagnosed in 2009 when I had osteomyelitis in my left foot and bad some bone removed, they said my rheumatoid factor was positive. Anyway. This is my 3rd LIMDU all for the same issues (foot, bones, joints, RA etc..)

I haven't had a doctor yet willing to do a MEB for me since this LIMDU started in November 2017. I'm not sure what to do honestly.

I have 12 1/2 years in and my EAOS is March 2019. This LIMDU is over in May. Are they going to just throw me on a 4th LIMDU, even a 5th? Until I separate? Possibly separate me early? What are my options in your opinion on medical retirement, separation, severance etc... Which would be most likely?


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I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with RA. With the new deploy or out policy from DoD I suspect you may become a blip on DoD's radar. I'm not sure why some Doc don't initiate MEBs when they know your ill/hurt. I suspect some are making a decision they think is in your best interest. Perhaps they like you as a person.


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I'm ready to get out. I just hate being in the dark. I'm in the Navy and I work on the flight deck. My job always involves being active and engaged. It's hard to do anymore. I'm ready to move on though. PCM on the ship wouldn't do a MEB, internal medicine referral he gave me wouldn't do it, Ortho rejected my referral. There isn't a MTF within 700 miles or so with a Rheumatologist. Just a bad hand I've been dealt.
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