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If Army, falls under AR 40-501 Chapter 3–12.

Upper extremities The causes for referral to an MEB are as follows (see also para 3–14):

b. Joint ranges of motion which do not equal or exceed the measurements listed below.

Measurements must be made with a goniometer and conform to the methods illustrated and described in TC 8–640.

(3) Wrist—a total range extension plus flexion of 15 degrees.


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Do you or anyone else on this forum know what rating percentage one would get from a permanent disability like this? I have been doing some research on range of motion, major/ minor, dominant/ non-dominant/ ambidextrous, and favorable/ unfavorable.

It seems one would get more than a rating of "limited in motion", (code 5215). Am I wrong?


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Whether or not you will be submitted to a MEB will depend upon you branch of services regulations.

It will come down to the range of motion that is measured, the ROM dictates the rating percentage.
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