4 pt failures in a row, discharge soon.


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I've been having panic attacks and mental problems, I failed 4 pt test in a row. I've failed the run.

I'm 5'11, 160, physically perfect.

Mock pt test with my flight commander: PASS every time, squadron mock pt test: pass everytime.

Official PT test date? Panic attacks, can't breath, stop running after like 1 minute, not even a lap.

I've lost orders to Germany, and most recently korea. Lost my A1C stripe 1 month from making SrA, demoted to e-2.

I tell my PCM these things after my orders to germany got canceled on the 3rd failure and demoted.
She tells me what I was experiencing was a panic attack and that I have generalized anxiety disorder?

put's me on an anti depressant and benzo.

3 months later, 4th pt test, fail.

Now my paper work is going in for admin discharge.
I go to mental health, because I was having suicidal thoughts. I get to see a therapist, I meet with the base psychiatrist, I tell er what's been going on and she says I may have bipolar disorder based off my list of symptoms? and he also put me on a new medication What the fuck?

It's been 1 month since the 4th failure and since I've been to mental health and meeting every week.

I'm in TAPS now.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Shouldn't I be getting a god damn MEB? Apparently I have a mental problem, I'm getting kicked out on my crazy ass.

The freaking AFI says after the 1st failure I should have been evaluated for any problems, I had to go on my own after the 3rd failure.

Someone dropped the fucking ball, even the god damn shirt said that.


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Hey my fellow Brotha Airman. First, you are a human being and deserve every chance at life and success. Don't let allow the military requirements or not being successful on the fitness test take your ability and having a successful life. You are doing the right thing by requesting and going to the base psychiatrist. Please read my posting on Administrative and Personnel Actions, MEB status for ANG & Active Duty. Also go to this AFI...AFI36-2905, it is the fitness policies and regulations on the AF fitness program. I have been on a MEB for almost one year. I shouldn't have been conducting or performing fitness requirements while on a MEB for Atrial Fibullation and a diagnosed torn knee liagment (a doctor offical MRI report that indicated my torn menicus in my left knee. Please read my posting and I hope that this AFI36-2905 will assist you. As a former active duty U.S. MARINE and now a fellow Airmen...I am your wingman. I am here if you need to chat.

Semper Fi,


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Welcome to the PEB Forum! :)

I offer that you remain calm and relaxed; profanity never helps any situation!

For what it's worth, I would suggest that you immediately contact JAG/Legal Assistance Office for advice.

Secondly, you should again contact your PCM and then setup an appointment with a Behavioral Healthcare clinician in order to generate the best course of action for your current medical situation.

Moreover, I would offer to never default from what you believe is potential injustice. Stay the course and remain strong until successful completion of the result(s) you are trying to achieve.

Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer."

Best Wishes!
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