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As the title states I've been rated through the IDES program at 90% VA 0% DoD. As I plan on separating from service end of July, I'm trying to gather a list of Benifits I should be applying for. I plan on working in the future, but not until I'm settled down with proper education. Here's a list of what I know exist, however I'm not quite sure how they affect each other for eligibility or when I can start the applicatiom. Also, not quite sure on the exact details of each:

- Vocational Rehab (Need more Info regarding Long Term Services and Allowances)
- Veteran's Pension (I don't see many people mentioning this, reason?)
- Statewide Unemployment (Utah)(UCX)
- Food Stamps (SNAP)

Also, I've seen so many posts on TAMP, CHCBP, and CHAMPVA. I don't really know how I'm going to be covered medically. Any info would be nice.

Also, should I be applying for TDIU 100%? Need more info on this as well...


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I'm going through the MEDBOARD process right now and already applied for VOC REHAB and I have been approved for benefits even without the ratings, just based on my NARSUM. Long Term Services basically means they would pay you to go to school if you need to change career fields based on your disabilities. With the long term services they will also give you BAH (E5 rate) as long as you have remaining months of benefits on the 9/11 gibill.

With statewide unemployment, click on this link for Utah Utah Unemployment - Benefits, Eligibility & Claims

I don't have experience w. veterans pension or food stamps. Sorry.
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