A Stunning Medical Failure at BAMC

Jason Perry

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IMG_2391.jpegThis is stunning- the Army’s premiere hospital (headquartered at the home of Army Medicine at JB Sam Houston, in San Antonio) has an ongoing problem with having non-sterile surgical instruments cancelling or slowing surgeries.

I am glad that they are aware of the problem. And it’s good to see that there have not been any catastrophic consequences (at least that we know about). But, I don’t understand how this can happen. Instrument trays with hair, blood, and bone being placed in an operating room? How does that happen? I don’t know anything about what the process is supposed to look like when things are working right but I have to think this is a task that should be achieved without difficulty.

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SAMMC was a mixed bag for me; mostly stupendous care but also care too stupid to be called care.