Accrue leave while on leave?


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I was under the impression that you accrue leave while being on terminal leave/ptdy. For example if you have 28 days of leave saved up you can submit a DA31 for 30 days because youll have gotten another 2.5 days of leave during that leave period. Could someone point me toward the right direction for the correct AR?


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You do. It will be calculated by finance on your final day out. Finance will create the transitional leave form.

The AR is 600-8-10

If you would have used the search function of this site (it's in the upper right corner) you would have found several posts regarding the issue. Here is a link to one: Terminal (Transitional) Leave Question


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Excellent info provided by gsfowler.

Partial Month:

Days Accrual
1-61⁄2 day
7-121 day
13-181 1⁄2 days
19-242 days
25-312 1⁄2 days
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