Achilles’ tendon MEB specific questions


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I am active duty Air Force, 6.5 years time and service. I deployed twice in two years and recently had surgery on both Achilles’ tendons to clean them out in 2018. The tendons are 100% intact but I had severe haglund’s deformity and tendinitis in both. I have not been able to sleep more than 4-5 hours at a time since January 2018. I have been on a no running/limited standing for no more than 30 minutes profile since September 2018. I also recently had surgery on a torn tendon in my finger in February 2019 which causes me pain. It is healing and I don’t anticipate it affecting me forever but 3 surgeries in 5 months have taken a toll. My PCM said he did not peform my surgeries so he cannot help clear me or initiate any real action without my plastic hand surgeon or orthopedic surgeon’s say so.
My ortho warned me the surgeries may not work. I can’t stand for more than 20 minutes at a time and wearing shoes still hurts. If I try to run my Achilles are very sore.
I see my ortho in a few weeks. I would like to try non surgical measures for 6 months and if the pain and my sleep has not improved I would like to be medically retired. Is this a valid path? Will the ortho’s recommendation directly influence my PCM to put me on an MEB? I would like to initiate an MEB while pursuing the non-surgical measures if possible so if they don’t work the MEB is already in place. Is this possible?
Any help would be appreciated. I am also considering going to anger management through mental health on base because of these issues. I am not thinking of hurting myself. I just have a shorter fuse due to lack of sleep. My neck is also bothering me from stress. Would going to anger management hurt my MEB chances? I am just frustrated and tired. I am grateful I have been fixed but I am worn out. I do not want sleeping pills.
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