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Sat, May 14, 2011 4:17:20 PM
HASC Approved NDAA 2012 but Veterans Disability and Widows Taxes Remain -- Ask Your Representative to Submit Corrective Floor Amendments

[FONT=arial,helvetica]HASC Approved NDAA 2012 but Veterans Disability and Widows Taxes Remain -- Ask Your Representative to Submit Corrective Floor Amendments [/FONT][FONT=arial,helvetica]
HASC Approves NDAA for FY 2012
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Veterans Disability Tax and Widows Taxes Not Changed Please send the following editable message to your Representative –

As you are likely aware, on May 12, the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) approved its version of the $690 Billion FY2012 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 1540).

The Committee dropped a provision that would have frozen TRICARE fees for another year but replaced it with a provision that allows modest increases for FY 2012, but adds important protections against disproportional future increases. The new provision would allow DoD to raise the TRICARE Prime monthly enrollment fee by $5, and raise retail pharmacy copays by $2 or $3, but would eliminate the copay for generic drugs in the mail-order program.

Also, at issue is the Subcommittee's recommendation that DOD’s Military Retiree Health Care program have a 1 year moratorium on any increase in beneficiary health care costs. Healthcare has been a prime motivator to accept the rigors of 20 plus years of military service, hardships of family separations, and the personal sacrifice of life or limbs. Please exclude any proposed changes considered for TRICARE.

More important, the bill adds a statement that Congress recognizes that career military people pay the bulk of the premiums up-front and in-kind, through decades of service and sacrifice. In recognition of this, the bill language specifies that the percentage fee increase in future years my not exceed the percentage increase in military retired pay.

However, excluded from the Committee’s mark up are 3 issues that I strongly feel should be included in the NDAA:

- Early retirement credit to all Guard and Reserve personnel who have been recalled to active duty tours of at least 90 days retroactive to September 11, 2001.

It is my hope that you as my elected official hear my voice and those voices of your fellow constituents AND agree that it is time to recognize the Guard and Reserve excessive mobilizations as force extenders and providers in the War on Terrorism. Corrective legislation for the 112th Congress is found in H.R. 181.

- Elimination of the Disabled Veterans Tax. Allow concurrent receipt of Military Retirement and VA Disability compensation.

As you might be aware, nearly 500,000 disabled military retirees are disenfranchised from the restoration of the con-concurrent receipt of military retired pay without offset by VA disability compensation because they were retired under Chapter 61 with less than 20 years of service or have service connected disability less than 50%. Corrective legislation for the 112th Congress is found in H.R. 333 and S. 344.

- Elimination of the Widow’s Tax. Allow concurrent receipt of Military Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Annuity and VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC).

early 62,000 widows are similarly affected by the Widow’s Tax which is imposed when the military spouse dies of service connected causes and the widow’s SBP with premiums withheld from the military spouses retirement pay and the DIC. Similar to the phased in restoration of Concurrent Disability Retired Pay for those retired with 20+years of service and 50% - 90% disability, the restoration of the SBP/DIC offset is phased in over several years with annual increases of $10 a year. Where the VA monthly award for 2011 is $1154 the restoration is a miserly $70 a month, compared to the average SBP payment of some $800 - $900 a month. Why do we keep these brave ladies in poverty? Corrective legislation for the 112th Congress is found in H.R. 178 and S. 260.

Based on the these preceding 3 issues, I strongly suggest that when H.R. 1540 is brought to the House floor for vote that you sponsor amendments, based on the already submitted legislation, that would correct these 3 continuing failures of our Government to recognize and honor the service rendered by those defending our great country.

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I think if you click on the Blue words Take Action!, located on the far right, that should take you to the web site. You can email this already composed memo to your Congressional Representative.

Takes less than two minutes!