Acute Renal (Kidney) Failure with Severe Loin Pain (ALPE)


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Hello all,

To start off, I am in the Marine Corps and am currently going through the PEB process. This post is geared toward individuals who have any knowledge on the outcome of referred kidney issues to the PEB.

I have experienced two episodes of severe kidney failure while completing required annual fitness tests. Initially they docked it up to dehydration but then ran a CT scan, which resulted in the above diagnosis of ALPE on the second bout of kidney failure. I currently am limited in terms of completing annual physical training requirements and cannot participate in any field exercises. This makes me non-deployable and doesn’t allow for me to work within my current MOS. Per multiple doctors, there is no treatment for my referred condition and as such it is expected be indefinite. Moreover medical documentation states that kidney failure has a re-occurrence rate of 30% for one episode and thus would be much higher after a second episode.

My NMA states that I am not recommended to retainability for the reasons stated above and thus I should not be considered for retention. The twist to this scenario is my current kidney function and my markings on Fitness Reports (FITREPS/Annual Evaluations). My kidney function is now within normal limits, albeit I still have chronic pain and as such am on a regular dose of prescribed pain medication. On both my reports, I am marked as the high above everyone else.

Does anyone have any insight as to how the PEB reviews types of cases like this where medical and the command recommend medical separation but evaluations state otherwise? I’m trying to do my best to plan my next months/years but am in a holding pattern because of this.


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The Navy tends toward retention when performance is good. What is being done for your ongoing pain?


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They currently have me on a combination of tramadol and acetaminophen every 6 hours for pain but that doesn’t seem like the long term solution as opiates are not ideal.

If a fit for duty determination is made, I’m assuming I wait the allotted 6 months before medical forces me on another medical board or would I be looking at an administrative separation?

I still have over 4 years left on contract, so it seems like this process could drag.
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