Administrative Separation for Medical Condition


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I'm currently active duty, and I'm currently in my first period of Limdu, but I'd like some feedback from anyone who can help give some insight.

September 2017 - Went to medical with complaint of sharp pain upon boots n' utes runs that would radiate throughout the day from my left foot. Upon x-rays and measurement of my bunions, medical determined the boots were aggravating the bunions. They recommended eval at Podiatry for surgery.
Oct 2017 - Bunionectomy of left foot. Fusion of the left big toe joint, as well as the shaving of the bunion and realignment of the joint.
Apr 2018 - Removal of hardware in foot due to pain.
Post April surgery, was unable to bend 3 smallest toes for (1) month. Nerve damage or complications were not confirmed - Podiatrist waited out the symptom until I regained mobility via Physical Therapy.
Pain has not subsided since the original surgery, and has spread to the opposite side of the foot. It is now Aug 2018.
Aug 2018 - Approved and given (1) corticosterioid injection on the 3rd metatarsal joint, around the area of localized pain being most distracting.

My Limdu ends in November, and I know my Podiatrist is thinking about the odds of a second term of Limdu. Once that period has ended, I'll be up for evaluation on the PEB.
I've heard mixed reviews of bunions being an administrative separation of a general discharge under honorable conditions. I'm trying my best to avoid that, seeing as Honorable is the goal. Meanwhile, I'm still actively seeking different pain management treatments with Podiatry. They even mentioned in worst case scenarios, they could "burn" off the nerve endings to my foot.

Oh, and I still have to have my right foot bunion surgically removed at some point. Both feet rated bunion removal due to the degree of the bunion protruding. The goal was to make my left foot my dominant foot before doing surgery on the right foot and, well, you can see how successful that's going.

It's hard to believe all of this mess would be an adsep of general discharge. Can anyone give any additional feedback or insight?

Thank you.


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Those discharges are from people who also have a lot of performance issues mainly from UCMJ which the Commander can use to make an admin discharge general. The burden is on the Commander that your performance was so bad it warranted that characterization otherwise he must grant honorable.
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