Advice of who to contact about a retro-retirement due to severe PTSD


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Hi. I am new to this forum and came across it recently while researching about the process of requesting a retro retirement due to severe PTSD. I ETS’d from the Army but after returning from Iraq I saw mental health and have a record of how the symptoms were affecting my job performance, yet when I brought up the request to the proper channels of a possible medical discharge, it was as though it was disregarded since I would be ETS’ing shortly and seemed they did not want to find out how the process might go. After ETS’ing, I filed for VA disability benefits and am rated at 100 % P&T and receive social security benefits as well.

I wrote to the Army Review Boards Agency to no avail, but my medical records clearly show how difficult it was for me to do my job.

Does anyone here possibly know the route to take to request to have my records reviewed for a retro retirement?
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