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Hello, I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and will likely have an MEB. I can still perform my duties as assigned and PT tests, etc.
I am a bit over 19 years. Is it best that I apply for retirement before everything becomes official or wait and see how this plays out? Thanks.


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I would say yes to the retirement. But they could always start the MEB and as long as you retire before the MEB is complete, you’ll get your pension. Good luck!


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I was recently MEBd and had over 22 years. My recommendation is that you go through With the MEB. I know there are a lot of unknowns but with you being close to 20 years, it could end up being a win-win scenario for you. First off, the MEB is a’ll take months before you get a decision (my MEB was initiated In January and I did not receive my ratings until July). Do the math based on your MEB is a lengthy and exhausting process.

I’ll use my scenario as the example...based on my TIS, if I retired on my own I would get 55% of my base pay BUT since I was medically retired, I received an 80% disability rating from the AF. So bottom line instead of getting 55% for my AF retirement, I’ll receive 75% (capped at 75% for disability by USC).

The IDES process is beneficial (although it has its hiccups) as you get your VA ratings at the same time as your DoD disability...removes some of the unknowns once everything is said and done.

I can only speak based on my experience but I would recommend the MEB. I suggest you speak with your PEBLO and figure out what’s best for your situation...consider how many months you have to get to 20.