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I was injured in the Air NG while on active duty. I have the line of duty and paperwork but have had issues from day one. I was denied proper medical treatment, incap pay, extension of orders. I have received two honorable discharges from two states while still injured. I was denied a MEB and never had any breifings. I reported to my command, IG, JAG and DoD. Nothing has helped, I have contacted Congress and Senators only to make it worse. I have sent a AFBCMR and the first offer is 10% and 60 days severence pay after last discharge. How are we taken care of from injury to discharge, I requested return to service to have a MEB to get out. I was denied as I have been out to long, the medical records indicate many issues and the board say it is one. How can I be judged if they never checked serverity or damage. That my loss of income would have no effect and niether would being discharged while injured, I lost custody of my daughter and my truck repo'd and I only get half of my 9/11 GI Bill. I have been denied SSI, SSDI and Work Comp as this should have covered all of that. I am new to the Air Force but I have read the AFI's but still having a problem with others seeing it as DoD regs. I just want a fair hearing and to be treated as a Airman, I have recieved surgery after discharge at the VA and have a low rating from lack of processing from ANG.
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