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I have re-engaged with my Med folks and been given a checklist to start the LOD process. She stated that we can submit it and see what AFRC says when they send it up? No real reassuring, but at least they're doing something? I explained that I just want my case to be handled properly and called the correct name. I did ask my Neuro specialist Dr. about the 'preexisting, born with it' statement my Flt Doc stated, and she said that was a crock! There is no way to prove that and shouldn't be called that. Hopefully it works out?
Be your own advocate here. I would ask your Neurologist is she would be willing to put in writing her professional opinion in regards to your diagnosis and that your service more likely than not aggrevated the condition resulting in further progression of the disease than is notmally seen.


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I totally agree with getting some sort of written opinion and did talk about that at my last visit. The real issue, is that there is no real concrete way to say that it was, or wasn't, and it's all based on opinions. As we know, the statements from a Specialist should take precedence. (I'd hope)
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