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AGR told to complete MEB as an MDAY extension denied


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I just wanted to say I had a good run with the National Guard. Blessed to complete the 20 years, well the rest of the 20 years as an AGR. However, prior to RCP retirement, I was placed on P3, which led to an MEB board proceedings. Unfortunately, I needed an extension, which was denied by State. Although the regulation states, AGR, FTNG SM are not to be released from Active duty until the MEB is complete, extension was denied at state level. Remarks : Soldier may defer retirement , complete MEB as MDAY with no pay and no benefits ( meaning retirement and so forth) . Now tell me, who in their right mind will defer retirement and move forward with MEB as an MDAY ? SM will no longer see their providers at their respected MTF, soldier will have to find a provider under Tricare Select, soldier will no incur a bill (s), soldier will need an LOD for every claim already in place. Meaning the soldier is already in IDES, has been seeing VA doctors, conducted examinations with their current provider and CRICKET. Who cares about the AR regulation and NGB regulations which clearly states, Sm will not be released until the MEB is complete. The language is clear, however CRICKET. Oh by the way, I've moved forward with seeking outside assistant and cricket. Oh well.